Terms and conditions

Article 1 : Scope of Agreement

Our sales are governed by the present terms and conditions. These terms and conditions take precedence over all purchasing conditions, except by express agreement from our part.

Article 2 : Price and terms

The applicable prices will be those effective on the date of the order, and are displayed on adjacent price list, denominated in euros. The freight charges are to be assumed by the Purchaser and shipped from the storeroom (départ cellier).

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise Settlement is carried out when an order is taken. If a delay is granted, No discount will be given for advance payments.

Any payment taking place after the settlement date stated on the invoice shall give rise to penalties in an amount equal to three times the legal interest rate. The penalities are due without any necessary recall.

In addition, all fees relating to the recovery will be assumed by the purchaser.

In accordance with statutory provisions, the trader in situation of late payment will be debtor to the creditor to an expense allowance of 40€ accounting for recovery fees. However, if the recovery fees exceed this expense allowance, the creditor will be in his right to ask for an additionnal compensation upon justificaiton.

Article 3 : Right of withdrawal

- If the client is a professional

No withdrawal right can be granted.

- If the client is an individual consumer

In case of a distance selling or of an off-premises sale, the customer shall have a period of 14 days beginning with the date of reception of the wine to withdraw its purchase.

When appropriate, the customer shall have a period of 14 days beginning with the communication of his withdrawal decision in order to return the merchandise. All expenses related to the return of this merchandise will be assumed by the customer.

The seller will then reimburse the customer after having received the returned merchandise.

The customer could be held liable for damages arising from any other handling than these necessary in determining the nature, the characteristics and the proper functioning of these goods.

- If the sale has been performed on a fair or on an exhibition.

No withdrawal right can be granted.

Article 4 : Retention of Title

The Seller preserves the ownership of the goods until the company has received in cash or cleared funds the effective payment in full for all goods.. However, the purchaser shall have care of the merchandise upondelivery and bear any risks in the event of loss, damages, or anyother cause.

Article 5 : Shipping

The shipping is performed either :

• by direct handover of the merchandise to the purchaser

• or by delivery to the address filled in by the purchaser on the purchase order.

Our merchandise is always transported at recipient's risk, even in case of shipping within France. The seller may not be held responsible in the case of damage, loss, theft or defective parcel. Accordingly, we urge customers to carefully check the shipment on receipt and to notify any reservation you may have to the carrier, by registered letter, up to a maximum of three business days following the receipt of the merchandise.

Article 6 : Legal disputes

Our sales are subject to the french legislation.

Jurisidiction will be expressly granted to the high court of the domicile of the seller.



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